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LA CALERA mobility 8 minutes, and 45 minutes walk from the hotel COLCA LLAQTA.
The Waters thermomedicinales are very good for health as they have healing properties for rheumatism, arthritis.
It is located at an altitude of 4150 meters above sea level, surrounded by the unique terrain Bombon Plateau, with vast plains covered by a blanket of bunch grass. These waters are caused by volcanic emanations and the mass movement mineral-rich groundwater dissolved. The water contains a chemical composition in calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, bicarbonate and other substances, the temperature is 60 ° C according to the analysis in the laboratory of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Date 08-Aug-1996 . For this reason beneficial properties are attributed to the neuromuscular and nervous system. The water emerging from a spring, which are repressed and then distributed a concrete reservoir medium square and a piping system. At the time of the Incas a place called La Calera which houses the naturally formed cave was used by the Inca to conduct its own bathroom to make their visits to the Area of Pumpush Llacta (largest administrative center and only of the central region of Peru). Thermo-medicinal Waters La Calera currently operated as recreational center, has four facilities




COLCA CANYON is one of the major tourist destination of Peru, located in the extreme northeast of Arequipa in the Province of Caylloma. Colca comes from the words and Cabanas Collaguas two ethnic groups that lived along the Rio Colca.
It is the world's deepest canyon, the canyon is over 100 km long and deepening starts several miles after Chivay, reaching the deepest point at 3,400 meters. The best viewing location is 3,800 meters The Colca area is ideal for adventure tourism.
The main Colca folkloric expressions are portrayed in the days of traditional celebrations including the Wititi known, the Qamili, the Tincachi, the Carnival, the Tusuy Turcu and Bullfighting, showing its great peculiarity in the development of their crafts.




LA CRUZ DEL CONDOR CROSS is one of the most accessible places to see Colca Canyon From the viewpoint you can see the flight of the Condor plan and see up close.
It is a place where one can rest, relax, and see the sun shining where the temperature climate control and observe the condor fly.
The scenery of the canyon is spectacular, there are more than 1,250 m. of elevation to the river, but on the other hand, taking as reference the Bomboya hill, the slope reaches 2,700 m. From the viewpoint is observed Canyon walls between Pinchollo and Cabanaconde, these lava flows have been emplaced by acquiring two morphological peculiarities.
This is one of the few places in the world where you can see up close and often the flight of the condors, which have become accustomed to human presence; when perched can approach them without being scared.




TREKKING THE COLCAwalks in the Colca are very good, because it keeps the dirt roads or pedestrian path that are unity among peoples along this hike found hanging bridges, landscapes, pre-Inca terrasas , and the beginning of the Colca Canyon Hikes recoriendo the Rio Colca.Las can be performed in the morning or afternoon, or can be all day.




CYCLING IN THE CANYONThe Cycling in the Colca is an unforgettable adventure as we have several routes:

We start from 4650 m.s.n.m. until 3650 m.s.n.m. 2 hours approx. (MODERATE)

SIBAYO - CHIVAY Horseshoe Road approx .. 5 hours (MODERATE - DIFFICULT)

Bridle path and trail carrosable part is a circuit route across the river Colca, appreciating imprecionantes landscapes, 5 hours approx .. (MODERATE - DIFFICULT)




Teléfonos: 054-531280 / 531104

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Calle Jóse Galvez s/n

Chivay - Colca - Perú